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The specialist in high-end professional mobility: comfort and high level of service, speed, reliability, confidentiality

We give you access to our network of partner drivers and their pristine and luxury vehicles. Comfort and a high level of service, speed, reliability, confidentiality and security are our main strengths in organizing your trips.

All our partners are experienced and rigorously selected drivers for their professional qualities and skills. they use bus lanes in an increasingly congested City.

Our drivers are Lounge shareholders up to 40% of the capital and are committed to offering you a high quality of service and an undisputed satisfaction.

You can contact us...

01 87 21 40 40

The advantages of Taxi

  • Use of bus lanes to optimise your journey times.
  • Pricing based on the police headquarters regulations.
  • Compliance with basic safety rules (supervised working time, authorisation to practice, etc.)
  • Drivers with First Aid skills.
  • Fixed price to CDG and Orly airports from intramural Paris regardless of travel time and traffic conditions.

Access a comfortably private, confidential and secure environment during your business trips

We cover all taxi needs through a single application:

  • Immediate request or a reservation in advance
  • Personalised reception at stations and airports
  • A professional driver is at your disposal throughout your day
  • For 2 hours and more
  • Free choice of pick-up and drop-off addresses
  • Fixed hourly rate
  • For any trip over 100 km over one or more days
  • Free choice of pick-up and drop-off addresses in France and abroad
  • Pricing per kilometer
  • Tolls, petrol, parking costs are paid by the driver
  • The driver stay with you at your disposal
  • The return trip to the pick-up point is offered
  • à l’occasion d’une journée chargée pour laquelle vous aurez besoin d’une aide précieuse
  • pour conduire votre véhicule jusqu’à votre lieu de villégiature
  • pour gérer le contrôle technique de votre véhicule ou le prendre chez votre garagiste (avec son expertise utile de professionnel de la route)

3 levels of services

  • Prestigious urban mobility

  • Drivers in suit attire

  • Mercedes Class E, BMW 5 series, Lexus NS 300h or equivalent

  • Group travel aboard a luxurious comfortable vehicle

  • Drivers in suit attire

  • Mercedes V-Class.

  • Vehicle with prestige and luxury combined

  • Drivers in immaculate suit and tie attire

  • Amenities on board: water, coffee, chargers, etc.

  • Audi A8, Mercedes Class S or equivalent


High level of tailored service

Passengers can customise their travel preferences through the Lounge application: 

  • temperature,
  • background noise,
  • door opening,
  • waiting time…

Great flexibility for companies

Administrators have access to company account management:

  • creation and deactivation of profiles;
  • access rights management;
  • choice of payment per user;
  • manage billing references;
  • access reporting including the carbon footprint…
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Lounge: the partner for your successful events

Transport is an important part of the success of an event: punctuality, preparation, etc. Lounge ensures the success of your projects by providing you with its partner drivers for the organization of your events:

  • ephemeral station
  • shuttle service
  • stay at disposal, group rides, etc.

Lounge is committed to the ecological transition

A new player in mobility, Lounge is committed to ecological transition by promoting zero-emission vehicles with its partners.

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