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Service oriented, transparency and reward for merit


Join us as shareholder driver

We want to build a healthy and lasting relationship with the best taxi drivers, by allowing them to become Lounge shareholder drivers. To guarantee this, we offer a unique opportunity: buy Lounge shares and benefit from this innovative and ambitious project.



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President's message

Dear Taxis,

With 30 years of experience in taxis and the conviction that our profession has many assets to promote, I am happy and proud to announce the launch of Lounge, the new platform specialising in premium taxis.

Enjoying the journey: our slogan applies to our customers as well as to you. I founded Lounge with the idea of ​​a win-win relationship and a solid pact between us: a high quality service against a mode of operation that respects your independence, your privacy and your income.

To set our partnership in stone, we are offering an exceptional offer to taxi drivers who wish to join our team: become a shareholder of Lounge and benefit from a significant reduction on our services for years to come.

We look forward to seeing you

Serge Metz,

Founder of Lounge

The premium platform co-owned by its partner drivers.

Nearly 40% of capital held


Participation in decisions

Rights as shareholders

Why join


Chauffeurs actionnaires


Grow your income

Because we value your work,

Lounge guarantees you a minimum income for all the rides you do.

Lounge invests to develop an attractive rides base.

Lounge offers a flexible partnership model allowing you to generate income beyond the rides you do.


Work with a platform that respects you

We promote the transparency of our rides offers to allow you to organize yourself as well as possible.

We strive to find trips compatible with your personal schedule.

Benefit, whenever possible, from a planned trip to start or end your shift near your home.

Total flexibility over your working time: you are free to connect or disconnect as you see fit (vehicle breakdown, personal or professional reason).

Start your day on your smartphone and wait for the right moment to reach your vehicle.

Top of the range is not a question of tie or vehicle color but, above all, of quality of service.

Chauffeurs actionnaires
Chauffeurs actionnaires


Guarantee your independence

You are free to work with any platform you choose. (Grandguillaume Law, article L420-2.2 of the Commerce Code).

We do not impose a method of payment on customers.

The quality of your work will allow you to become a favourite driver of the customers you have driven

Talk about merit-based quality.

The drivers who join us are committed to a demanding quality charter in order to guarantee the customer: punctuality, politeness, anticipation of needs in total confidentiality.

All processing is automated to ensure fairness between drivers, based on clear and fair rules, developed jointly with the shareholder drivers.

We believe that merit should be the only criteria for rewards, allowing for fair distribution of rides.